How To Scale Your Success & Find Time For What Matters More

scale success

As you succeed more in life, you’ll know that it’s a lot of work to maintain your health, existing income streams, relationships and build new ones.

By delegating some of your tasks to others, you can reduce your workload, and prevent letting your success become the reason of your downfall.

This is where outsourcing comes in. The point is to get rid of doing the things that can be delegated to someone else and let others do the tasks for which you neither have the time nor expertise.

Why Outsource?

With a number of things going on in your personal and professional life, it’s easy to find oneself overwhelmed with a to-do list too large for one person to handle. No one has the ability to do everything themselves.

I’d be more suspicious than impressed if you were some kind of superman who does everything from business stuff like coding, designing graphics, writing, and researching to personal things like planning your travels, managing daily emails and meetings and yet having time to spend with family and friends.

Any project benefits from having people with unique specialities working together towards something that no person could achieve alone.

Rather than doing lot of things poorly, do a few things well and delegate the rest to people who can do it better.

If you know where to look and how to hire the right people, it won’t turn out to be as expensive as you think. And you are not required to pay anyone a full-time salary unless you can afford it and you want to.

You can hire freelancers for temporary or part-time projects, moving on to hiring them full-time when your success has grown enough.

It also means that you won’t have to pay someone irrespective of how your business is doing. If your business is going through a rough patch and there is less going on, there are no permanent employees or overhead to take care of. Just stop working with those freelancers for a while and hire again when you need.

How To Get Started

Here are some popular options for finding people to outsource various types of work.


Fiverr is the best place for small and large jobs packaged into services which cost in multiples of $5. You can find someone who is offering to do the work you want done in as little as $5.

Adding more bells and whistles to the job increases the price, which is only fair. You can delegate almost anything that someone can do from a remote location, including graphic design, digital marketing, writing, video, coding and more.

Upwork & PeoplePerHour

Upwork is another biggest freelance marketplace but based on a different model. Fiverr is driven by freelancers and Upwork is driven by freelance seekers.

This means that on Fiverr, freelancers list various services that they can provide along with pricing. So you can search, browse and pick what you need.

On Upwork, you post a job with the work you need done, the skills you need and an estimate of amount you’re willing to pay. This job posting will be visible to freelancers looking for work and the ones who are interested can apply.

From the applications you get, you can interview and hire candidates as you see fit.

Niche Portals

There are also several niche portals if you’re looking to delegate work to people who specialize in a particular area.

So check out these websites to get an idea of what things you can outsource and for how much. You may uncover lot of hidden potential to cut down on your time and effort, even if you’re short on money.

Working With The Perfect Freelancer

Being able to find candidates is one thing. But picking the most suitable and getting work done is a different beast to tackle altogether.

Without a level of initial clarity on the scope of work and the skills you need, it can be really hard to find the perfect worker and get the best out of him or her. So think about the below factors as you begin your search.

Language Barrier

If accurate knowledge and usage of a language such as English is important for the task, don’t compromise on it to hire someone for cheap.

If a freelancer is not particularly skilled in a technical area that can be easily taught, you can hire him to reduce your cost. But language is something that takes a lot of time to master and cannot be easily fixed down the line.

Ongoing Training

The good news with freelancers is that don’t have the overhead associated with full time employees. But there is also a downside.

Freelancers can be very fickle when it comes to accepting and doing the work. They’ll leave you as soon as a better opportunity comes along. And with them goes all the time and effort you spent on training them.

So as much as possible, try to find and work with freelancers who already have as many skills and as much knowledge as you require for the job. Don’t think that you’ll train them once and then reap the benefits later.

Or consider increasing their payment as they learn more and become more productive in the task. This will make them stick longer.

Monitor Progress

As frequently as needed, take some time to chat or meet with the freelancer. Find out how they’re doing, what’s the status so far, and if they’re encountering any issues.

This makes sure that they don’t take you for granted and keeps them accountable. And it also helps in solving problems before it’s too late to nip them in the bud.

However, this doesn’t mean you always have to be available for them so that they keep pestering you even for small problems which they should have solved themselves. So you need to set appropriate boundaries and expectations right from the beginning.

Think & Communicate Clearly

No matter how skilled a freelancer is, he can’t read your mind. It’s your responsibility to be clear on the scope and nature of work and communicate the same to the freelancer.

The best way to do that in many cases is to record a short video or have a screen sharing session with the freelancer. So you can clearly show him the steps on how something is done and what is the outcome you want.

A great tool for this is Jing. Other than creating short tutorials, it also allows you to take screenshots and quickly draw arrows and text to highlight things you want to communicate.

Protect Private Information, Yet Be Trusting

Outsourcing is meant to reduce your workload, not create more. When you outsource someone to manage your email or website, it’s essential to be trusting enough to share the required login credentials.

Don’t think they’re out there to scam you and become overly defensive.

But obviously, this doesn’t apply to all data. Your good judgement and discretion will decide what you can share or not share with the freelancer.

You may not give them your hosting details straight away for example, unless a good level of trust has been established. And it’s never recommended to share your bank account or credit card details.

Wrapping Up – Live With Freedom

That’s it for now. Hopefully this little guide will help you experience the freedom that comes with managing your work and life efficiently. So that your success isn’t dependent on the time you spend on attaining and maintaining it.

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